Slovenia is a small country with an area of ​​about 20,273 square kilometers. Although small, this country has many interesting tourist attractions to visit. One of them is adventure Slovenia which is the favorite by tourists. Indeed, it looks a bit testing the adrenaline, but we can assure that this adventure Slovenia is very fun and close to nature.

Here are some adventure Slovenia activities:

1.    Rafting on the Soca River

The first adventure Slovenia is rafting on the Soca River. The Soca River is a swift river flow and is very suitable for rafting activities. Before starting, prepare life jackets and helmets, and then start the journey with an inflatable boat. The start may be rather soft, but you and your friends will feel some sensation of rapids with grade 3/2 +.

Travel usually takes more than one hour, depending on the distance travelled, the difficulty and weather. If weather conditions permit, you will also enjoy views of the Julian Alps along the road, including the highest mountain in Slovenia the Triglav Mountain.

2.    Mountain biking in Bohinj

The area around Bohinj and the Bohinj Lake is a part of the National Park. This place is an ideal field for conventional mountain biking.

Pass the road along the south coast and head to the Savica Waterfall, because the place is very beautiful. To see the traditional villages, you must also pass Stara Fužina and Studor. This can also be  a fun adventure Slovenia.

3.    Climb Mount Triglav

For those of you who have great courage to ascend on a mountain, it is best to climb the highest mountain in Slovenia. The Mount Triglav has a height of 2,864 meters, equivalent to 9,396 feet.

For professional climbers, it usually only takes about 12 hours to get to the highest peak. For those of you who are not strong climb can spend the night in one of two mountain huts located close to the top.

4.    Skiing in Pohorje Massif

If you love skiing or snowboarding, this place is a favorite ski paradise. It is better to arrive in December and March; in other months there can be many skiers enjoying this ski tour.

Maribor Pohorje is the largest ski area with an area of ​​250 hectares, with a slope area of ​​more than 40 kilometers, of which 27 kilometers is adjustable for skiing. This ski area is more than 1,300 meters above the sea level and is abundant with snow in winter.

5.    Canyoning near Bled

This is a relatively new type of sport, which popularity has grown rapidly in the past few years. Clearly is not something to try on your own in adventure Slovenia.

There needs to be some quality guidelines that will help you prepare the equipment, such as neoprene and helmets, and someone has to take you to the closest point to the ravine. There you will hit a tremendous stream of the river.

You will pass up and down the canyon, jump over and slide down the falls, swim in a rock pool and climb down a cliff. It feels like being in a large water park.

6.    Horse riding in Lipica

Lipica Stud Farm is an elegant riding place that shows riding in everyday life. This place often holds amazing riding exhibits.

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