What You Need to Know About Working and Living in the UK


Living and working in the UK can be quite complicated at times, especially if you’ve moved from another country, and it isn’t necessarily as simple as it is often made out to be. Here are a few key tips if you’re moving to the UK, with answers to some simple questions regarding your rights. Once this is all sorted, you’ll be sure to love life in the UK, just make sure you bring an umbrella!

Tax – How Much Do I Pay?

Every person who works in the UK pays tax, and your employer is responsible for withdrawing Income Tax and National Insurance from your wages prior to you receiving it. All of the information about the tax you are paying will be available on your pay slip, so you can easily track how much money you’re paying. If you don’t feel that something is right, it can be changed. The amount of tax you will be required to pay depends on your income, with no one earning under £11,000 having to pay tax. Be sure to check the HM Revenues website for further information regarding tax payments. Different rules also apply when you are self employed so also be …

How has technology changed the way people travel?


Technology has advanced our world in ways we have yet to fully realise. Going from letters to having everything available in the palm of our hands, the tech world has revolutionised our own.

But how has technological advancement changed the way we travel?

For one thing it has meant that thesqua.re, a global serviced apartments provider, has been able to deliver exceptional properties across 5 continents, whilst generating in-depth guides and ebooks that members can glean to get all the info they need to make their trip a success.

Further changes are listed below:

Trips are more affordable

Comparison sites have enabled travellers to find the best prices for flights, rooms and so much more. Back in the old days, travellers had very little choice. Now though, they can save a lot thanks to all the apps and sites available in the palm of their hand.


The rise of online check-ins and e-tickets have made it easier and safer for people to carry all their documents without having to print them all off –  mobile phones and tablets can keep tickets and reservation documents all in one place. Gone are the days of misplacing pieces of paper. Not …