How long ago did you have a hiking tour? Or, you have always wanted to try? We will help you in both cases. We have a list of routes, which are an appropriate option for beginners who only start exploring the world of Denver tours. Travelers with high physical fitness level are welcome to join our 10- and longer trails with some extreme peaks and surprising foothills.

Our guides will be there for you any part of the route with some prompts and tons of useful information. Your group can consist of your friends and family members, or we will find a nice company for you. Get ready to enjoy silent beauty of the nature and incredible mountain views.

Denver Destinations

You can choose any destination you are interested in and we will help you with all organizational moments:

  • Dream Lake Trail in the heart of the Rocky Mountains National Park is good for skilled travelers. Lots of wildflowers and wildlife representatives are there to inspire you.
  • Mount Evans tour. You will be surprisingly shocked by a captivating Clear Creek Canyon with its wide walls and rich mining history. Quick stop for a tasty lunch with a picturesque view of the mountain and we will continue admiring its foothills and peaks.

Book Tours near Denver

We are happy to inform you that we offer mostly daily tours, so you can easily choose a suitable date and time for a memorable experience. Do not be afraid to have the first hiking experience with us. You will enjoy the wonders of the nature and the perfect company for your route.

Minimum number of travelers is six, maximum is ten. The only reason for us to cancel a tour is terrible weather with pouring rains, because in such case the route becomes dangerous due to lots of moving mud. We have 48-hour cancellation policy for you in case of emergency. Our tours are always informative, safe and full of breathtaking views.

To book a hiking tour visit our website:

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