Normally, we all are always fond of spending the holidays by going to various regions of the world. Off course, nobody in this world hesitates to go for a tour, since it gives a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to us. Here, in this article, let us see about the fun of enjoying the vacation in various islands located in the region of Mexico. Mexico is a country that lies between the central part of America and the United States. It contains a wide range of small and large islands. One such small island is Ellis, which acts as a tourist corner. Thousands of immigrants visit this island every year. An island denotes an area (part of land) surrounded by water. The two most common types of islands include Holm and Eyot (Ait). Holm is nothing but the presence of island off the coast and Eyot is nothing but the presence of island in a lake or a river. When a group of islands are there in a particular geographical region, then that region is termed as an Archipelago. Philippines are an excellent example for such an archipelago, since it contains numerous small islands with it.

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