Thinking of a corporate event taking place in the next few weeks, it’s okay if you’d begin planning right away. You must prepare early and do research; otherwise, you may come across frustrations.

Travelling to Marseille requires a lot of timely preparation. It would help if you answered all the daunting queries like the hotel you will spend your ticket ready among many other things. But first things first, where do you begin from? Here are some tips to guide you on the visit.


If you do not have a passport, you need to acquire one. In case it has expired, you need to renew. As per the country of the origin, know the time it takes to renew or apply for a passport. Please do it early enough to avoid inconveniences at the last minute. Immediately your ticket is processed, ensure you make two copies of it – one for travel purposes and the other to be left with family or friend.


Before the travel:

  1. Check if Marseille requires a visa when you travel.
  2. Have a valid passport to necessitate ease the visa application process.
  3. Remember to comply with all the requirements to attain the visa timely enough before departure.

Health Check

While you might think you’re of good health, having a medical check-up is necessary. Besides, it would be best if you researched the necessary immunizations taken by foreigners to Marseille. You must receive the Hepatitis A vaccine and test for the Novel coronavirus to gain entry into France.

Travel Requirements

Know if your medical insurance cover will be applicable while you travel to Marseille. If the coverage will not, you will have to purchase a travel policy. You can also consider other insurance travel options like trip cancellation or trip delay. Remember to check out  the best insurance.


Before boarding the plane, know your staycation is catering for everything, including the hotels. If you have to organize independently, ensure you book hotels in advance for a smooth running.

Mode of Transportation

After getting to France, plans on movement to the corporate event venue have to be in place. You can hire a private chauffeur for your stay in Marseille if there are no other convenient means of transport. Alternatively, from your hotel room, use a cruise ship, train or rent a taxi for a shorter distance.

 Know the French Culture

When travelling to Marseille, acquaint yourself with common phrases, etiquette and dress code. You wouldn’t want to be the odd one when you arrive at a meeting with inappropriate clothing to the country. In France, the standard greeting is a handshake, left or right cheek kissing and Bonjour to say good morning. Unlike other western countries with relaxed dressing, be decent at all times as Frenchmen upholds decency throughout.

Abiding by these tips, your trip to Marseille will be a success if you take into account these ideas. Prepare and plan early enough to avoid last-minute disappointments!

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