Long before famous celebrities visit the Como lake, this lake has been visited by influential people even famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci. This legendary painter even uses mountain Lecco as a backdrop for one of his famous paintings The Virgin of The Rocks.

Lake Como is amazing, the atmosphere is soothing and reassuring. The countryside is built around this lake, under snow-covered alpine, subtropical climate, palm trees grow in tandem accompanied by blooming flowers.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, one of the oldest hotels in this area was built in the early 20th century. Located near the Villa Carlotta gardens, which was built in the 18th century. Almost everything in this hotel has high artistic value, the hotel also has exceptional service for visitors. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo also has Spa facilities, a sauna and a swimming pool that flows directly into the lake. The hotel also provides a boat that can be used to surround the Como.

But do not forget to always plan your vacation first, such as preparing the necessary funds to stay, eat, and rent additional facilities that you will use when you are on Lake Como. Staying in luxury hotels is not the right thing if you have limited funds, not to mention you have to calculate the cost you will spend on transportation, meals, and so forth.

Some places to stay that can reduce your vacation budget can be found at Lake Como Vacation Rental. By renting a hotel or villa that is relatively cheaper, you can use the rest of your budget to use additional facilities such as renting a boat that you will use to circle this incredible lake.

Lake Como is also the right place if you like a historical place because around this lake there are many historical buildings. The buildings around the Como lake are also decorated with beautiful gardens. You can also play water sports like kitesurfing on this beautiful lake. Extraordinary true?

This place is truly complete to be used as a place to travel, a place to get married, a place for a romantic honeymoon.

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