Life of a jet setter is not always easy, especially when it comes to time. That was when I have realised that I needed to be travel ready by having these essentials already stored in a travel bag. To help others who struggle with this, I have decided to give you some insight of what is in my travel bag!

For some ideas of what to add, continue to read ahead!

A Freshening Up Kit

When travelling or somewhere on a long haul flight, sometimes you want to freshen up after you had a nap or even just before you get off at your location. So, that is why I had started to add a spare toothbrush, a travel size toothpaste (in a clear plastic bag, of course), and face wipes. This way, you may feel more cleaner and hygienic on your travels.

A Water Bottle

This may sound typical to have in your bag, yet sometimes you may lack access to water. This can be particularly frustrating whether you are in the car or another in a mode of transport where you do not have access to water.  So, always fill up your water bottle before you travel to stay hydrated. Particularly on a plane, as you respire a lot more due to less oxygen in the air.

Travelling Pillow

This is a must have in your travel bag! Often, it can be difficult to sleep in a certain position where you have less space. So, by investing into a travel neck pillow, it can be beneficial for your posture when you are sleeping upright, and provide extra comfort throughout your journey too.

Entertaining items

Sometimes when you are on a long journey, you may not always have access to data or wifi. So, I always keep a spare book and crossword book just to keep my mind busy. Or, if possible a tablet with a TV show or movie downloaded onto it.

A change of shoes

When you are travelling, you realise that comfort is key throughout your journey. At times, being in hiking boots is not always fitting, especially for planes. So, I always keep a pair of slip on shoes, such as sandals for the extra level of comfort. This can be useful in situations such as a long haul flight, because your feet can swell when you are flying at an high altitude. In turn, you can keep a spare pair of socks too!

Sleeping kit

At times, it can be difficult to fall asleep, especially when you find yourself jet lagged or tired but you are in a noisy environment. I find wearing a sleeping mask and investing some ear plugs (perfect for light sleepers too) to block out noise from my surroundings helps me to get to sleep. This way, I know can nap on certain transport without being disturbed!

So, whether you are travelling this summer or going on a long trip somewhere, I hope this guide has helped you in what to pack for your journey. Travelling can be stressful, and it does not have to be when you are already well prepped for anything! So, relax and enjoy that time off.

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