There is no better way to escape from any routine than on a vacation. Whether it’s just a blur for a night in Bandung, or even spend a sabbatical with a vacation to Bali, Raja Ampat, even abroad though. After a vacation, the body and mind will relax again. Feel refreshed, you are ready to go back to work and do every routine.
Every time on vacation or traveling anywhere, usually you will spend the most in the hotel room aka lodging. Agree?
Unlike the plane tickets that are dynamic and volatile, hotel room prices tend to be stable. To get a plane ticket with the best price, maybe you can easily by ordering tickets long ago. Then, what about hotel rooms?
Can you get a room with cheaper price than usual? Of course, I can. It’s just that you have to be good at getting around this. Currently, we are all so spoiled by the presence of so many online travel agency sites with attractive promos. However, if you are still confused to find a cheap hotel price for your vacation, just trust it all at as a travel partner.
Here are tips Booking cheap hotel rooms:
• Online message in the morning
It could not hurt to check and compare the rate of the hotel room before ordering. Moreover, third parties (online travel agency sites) often give special rates that you may not get if you book a room through the hotel lobby.
When booking online, usually the price you can find cheaper room rates in the morning. The key: diligently compare prices!
But if you do not have time to browse and forced to order in the hotel lobby, there is one secret that you must know. You can get room rates up to half the price or 50{2fb4e903962deccfb1d464f08b4889fcef9b60eb64d0ed4e6ccf7b0527d2970c} if ordered directly above six o’clock.
It is counted ‘top secret’ and not everyone knows it. But the magnitude of discounts depends on the policies of each hotel.
• No Long Booking Required
To ensure room availability, do you have to book ahead of time? The answer: not always.
All you need to consider is the time of the holiday timing alias. If you suddenly want to take a holiday on a normal day aka low-season, you do not have to worry about room availability.
In addition, you should also pay attention to the city destination and location of the hotel. If you go to a tourist city like Bandung, Bali, or Yogyakarta, then the full potential of the room will increase.
If the location of the hotel is located in the center of the city or the crowd, then it could not hurt to call directly to the receptionist to ensure the availability of rooms before you get there.
• Consider Hotel Paid Booking in These Months
You must consider this ‘impromptu booking’ behavior when going on holiday in high season and peak season. Such as school holidays (June-July), red dates (long weekend), December (Christmas and New Year), and early January.
To be safe, maybe you can try to find an alternative by renting other lodgings, such as apartments or villas. But this is just right you do if you want to vacation with family or gang friends, so the price feels cheaper.

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