There are many cruise routes that you can exploit whenever you want to go on a cruise vacation. However, before you go on the vacation, you should sort out a number of important things including getting a travel insurance. You can know the right insurance policy to opt for when you compare travel insurance online reviews on Here are some of the best pacific cruise routes that you might want to consider. It won’t be a bad idea to visit all the different routes during different vacations.

South Pacific Islands

This is an island oasis that is wild, beautiful and brimming with life in the South Pacific. The South Pacific islands are a true definition of paradise and abundantly blessed with wildlife which is sure going to capture your lust for adventure. The islands have beaches of warm, powdery white sand and aqua waters surrounded by tropical rainforests and soaring mountains. South Pacific Islands have the world’s second-largest double barrier reef which also surrounds the islands of New Caledonia, where a lagoon teems with a kaleidoscope of fish and sea-life abound. Majestic humpback whales glide between the islands of Tonga. The Loyalty Islands have a wild beauty that will spark your imagination, while the friendly locals will make you feel right at home. Cruise to the South Pacific to settle into island time and relax into the simple life.

Mystery Islands

With no interference by modern society, Mystery Island will make you consider your name printed on the old storybook as a marooned. On the island, nothing like electricity, roads or telephones. Accessing the area would take a comfortable 30-minute walk to self-guide by yourself and walk around the entire island. Only easily accessible by cruise ship and the nearby inhabitants of Aneityum. At mystery island, you’ll truly get to experience life on a deserted island. You can cruise to Mystery Island and explore the white-sand shoreline and its warm waters. Also, you can go for a snorkel and see an incredible underwater world untouched by human influence.

Bora Bora island

Bora Bora loosely translated by ancient Talisman to mean “created by the gods”. It’s also known as French Polynesia is a heavenly island that you would no course to argue how its name was formed. Common on the island is crystalline turquoise waters and a vibrant coral reef that surround a string of Motus around the main island, just across the lagoon. Cruising through the island, you can relax in the powder-soft white sand of Matira Beach, and breathe in the fresh scent of Tiare Tahiti, the distinctive white gardenia that grows wild around the place. Optionally, you also dive or snorkel among the coral reef just off Sofitel Marara. Hiking the iconic Mount Otemanu or lushly forested extinct volcano at the centre of the island.

Solomon Island

With warm blue water, graceful palm trees, white beaches, and bright coral, the Solomon Islands will have you feeling bliss out in no time at all. Immerse yourself in vibrant villages and local markets, dive deep into WWII wrecks, or wander through into the lush tropical jungle.

Norfolk Island

If your interest is a “stunning holiday destination”, you should check your dictionary and you’d find pictures of Norfolk Island. The Lofty pines, stunning cliffs, turquoise lagoons and emerald golfing greens make this island the epitome of paradise. You can explore the island through a cruise ship or on a horseback. When it comes to food, you can taste the freshly caught fish in golden beer batter. A trip on a glass-bottom boat is also available.

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