Living and working in the UK can be quite complicated at times, especially if you’ve moved from another country, and it isn’t necessarily as simple as it is often made out to be. Here are a few key tips if you’re moving to the UK, with answers to some simple questions regarding your rights. Once this is all sorted, you’ll be sure to love life in the UK, just make sure you bring an umbrella!

Tax – How Much Do I Pay?

Every person who works in the UK pays tax, and your employer is responsible for withdrawing Income Tax and National Insurance from your wages prior to you receiving it. All of the information about the tax you are paying will be available on your pay slip, so you can easily track how much money you’re paying. If you don’t feel that something is right, it can be changed. The amount of tax you will be required to pay depends on your income, with no one earning under £11,000 having to pay tax. Be sure to check the HM Revenues website for further information regarding tax payments. Different rules also apply when you are self employed so also be sure to look into this.

What Paperwork Do I Need?

To work in the UK, as it currently stands, you will need to apply for a visa if you are not a member of the EU. It is also possible to enter the country on a tourist, ILR visa or spouse visa UK. Whichever visa you need, make sure to do it way in advance so you have everything in time. Also, when you arrive you will need to apply for a National Insurance Number, whether you are an EU or non EU citizen, which will allow you to work in the UK.

What Rights Do I Have?

Before moving anywhere, make sure you are aware of your rights as an employee. All of your basic rights will be incorporated into your contract, and make sure that you read this carefully before you start a new job and are happy with everything included. Your contract should tell you about your wages, pension, sickness and other temporary absences, dismissals and disciplinaries. There are also some statutory rights passed by Parliament that apply to nearly all workers so make sure that if you are entitled, you receive these. So, the main thing to remember is to check your contract!

What About Insurance?

Register with a local GP as soon as you arrive in the UK, as this entitles you to free emergency treatment at NHS hospitals should you need it. If you would like to, it may be advisable to avoid long waiting lists and invest in private health insurance that may be able to help you quicker. This is the most important part, but travel, home, car and life insurance are also advisable. The demands of each of the insurance companies differ, with some having certain rules about how long you must have been a resident in the UK for. Make sure you do research to get the best deals and to receive the best cover!

Overall, moving to a brand new place can be daunting, so make the process slightly easier by making sure you have all of the important elements sorted regarding living and working in the UK!

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